Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Final Matches vs. MDX

Our final matches were against our host's main team; 'The Maryland Express'

Unfortunately we only managed 1 win out of our 4 teams....and that was the U16s girls who put on a FAB show.


U14 boys lost 6-0

U14 girls lost 7-3

U16 boys lost 5-3

U16 girls won 7-8

U 16s Boys players of the tournament - all the lads did well, but of particular note - Barney / Ged & Dan.

Pool Party

Just one of the amazing activities that have been laid on for us!

Monday, 1 August 2011

U16s Boys Match vs. Rock - Sunday 31st July

This was billed as the 'cruncher' of all our matches. Following a full on fun weekend with our hosts - were our boys going to put up a fight?

Unfortunately we went 1 down within the first few minutes, however just before quarter time, Myles did the business and scored a brilliant goal with Tim assisting. We then grew in confidence taking a 3-1 lead in Q2 with our guest US player.....'the demolisher' that is Tyler scoring 2 goals.

Q3 saw the opposition recover, pulling one back but the Timperley D (Ged / Dan / Josh / James) were doing a cracking job but some of our attack disciplines were slipping.

We pulled 1 more back but alas Rock put 2 more past us resutling in 4-6 final score.

Despite this the lads should be proud of their performance as their skills are building and the matches are proving a great and popular spectacle for all the supporters.

Sunday 31 July Girls Matches

It was a steamy but lovely sunny day when the Timperley gils teams played the 'Diamonds' on Sunday at Gerstell.

The girls worked hard and are improving every match but came up against a well disciplined side in Diamonds. Both teams performed better in the first half - a reflection of the great weekends that our host have provided, then fading away in the 2nd half.

U16s lost 5-9 / U14s lost 4-12. (Match report: Gillian Healey)

Friday 29th - Girls Srimmage with Maryland Express

A fun day was had by all on Friday - with guest goal appearances from Scott & Magda.

Friday U16s vs. Westminster

A strong performance against a Westminster team. We battled back from 2-5 down to draw even by half time. We then edged forward in the 3rd quarter but despite battling to the end, our boys went down in the final quarter 7-9 and managed to pull one back to concede by just 1 goal. Final score 8-9 to Westminster boys. It was a close battle with Barney, Myles & Joe putting up particularly strong performances.

Friday, 29 July 2011

U14's Friday 29th

As seems to be the trend for the U14's, this was a thrilling match againts Gamber. Yet despite the 14's third successive victory in this five match tour, Timperley got off to a rather lethargic start due in no small part to the 102 degree heat.

Yet in typical fashion the tourists dug deep and clawing back a small deficit, they belately began to show what resolve we know them to have and slowly but surely started to take the game to a very mobile and physical Gamber.

In an encounter that had the coaches sweating a little more than usual in pursuit of another victory the game was an end to end encounter of the highest order with quality lacrosse being played by both.

With the boys expelling more fluid than they were taking in, the whilste finally blew ending this match with a close and hard fought 4-6 win. Well done to the U14's and to the Coaches who's rotation was key to maintaining strength in the energy sapping heat. Well done boys.

Thursday 28th - Washington D.C.

The Capitol!

The Lincoln Memorial

The Macdonalds!

The Group Plank!

The White House!

Water Fun at Cascade Lake

I'll let the photos do the talking - believe it or not I have very little time available for doing this blog..it's full on here! About 30 mins away from Westminster is this natural lagoon complete with dive boards and floating platforms.

After a basic swim test, the kids were allowed to run (swim) wild! Great fun was had by all...inlcuding me!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Weds 27th Match Day

Valiant efforts from both girls teams against athletic 'Check Hers' teams (but sadly no wins yet) It was a lovely sunny day with a pleasant breeze and not too humid for the girls at the 'Friendship Valley Elementary Ground'. The teams were playing on grass, a cooler surface than Gerstell. The U14s were much improved from Monday and Rose scored 2 magnificent goals set up a third one. Other notable performances from Aoife - who had a particualry spectacular run down the field.

The U16s defended magnificently, playing well together and happy to have Faye on goal. they had some good opportunities to push forward and then Lucy did really well scoring all 4 Timperley goals.

The Boys played against CMD (Central Maryland) the same dat at the Cranberry Station Ground.

Facing the U14's in the second match of the tour were CMD (CentralMaryland) who, according to our scouts, posed a rather more dauntingprospect than the strong Wax team of a few days ago, yet buoyed withconfidence, the U14's were eager to maintain momentum, none more so than Coaches Glyn, Ray and Bruce.
Although this was a hard fought battle against a very organised CMD -that were strong in defence and penetrative up front - the U14'salways looked resilient at the back and dangerous up front. With bothteams pitting their wits against each other, Timperley drew firstblood with a couple of early goals, only to be pegged back by abattling CMD who were only one goal shy at half time.
Issued with their instructions, the tourers heeded the coaches adviceand started to see a little daylight in the second half with somepatient build up play not to mention the two imaginative goals scoredfollowing a great steals and a fast breaks. The game ultimately ended4-9 in favour of the tourists making it so far two out of two for theU14's thanks in no small part to the inspirational intervention of one of our older colleagues.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tuesday 26th July - Inner Harbour

We all jumped on the light rail again yesterday morning to go back into Baltimore - heading for the picturesque inner harbour area.

First on the visit list was the Aquarium - where we saw a variety of marine animals including sharks! On the top level there is a mocked up rain forest with exotic birds flying around. It was a great experience culminating in a 4D cinema iMax film of ...BBC planet earth - penguins, seals & killer whales complete with vibrating seats, a punch in the back (again from the seat) and wind & snow (foam) etc to heighten the effects on top of the 3D film!

After this, the kids all went their own way, some ending up in 'Dicks Bar' - a restaurant bar that is famed for its rudeness and crudeness. Many of the kids came out with paper hats graffitied with amusing / rude captions....I'll leave it to them to tell you the details...(if they dare?!).

(my favourite was Magda's - who was wearing her hair up and hers read ' Amy Winehouse Lives' - she did look a spit.)

Some went off to lunch elsewhere / visited the science centre etc. We all had great fun and then headed back mid afternoon to a variety of events for the kids organised by their hosts while the adults had a dinner at the Shearer's delightful home....where Mr Crag got himself in a spot of bother.....as you can see.......................!!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Boys Match 25/7.

U14s First Match vs. WAX:

'Having whipped a somewhat smaller US pool team the night before in a hastily arranged fixture at the Haber's house, the Timperley U14 tourers under the stewardship of Coaches Glyn, Bruce & Ray, felt the omens were good as they approached the opening fixture of this 2011 tour. Assisted by a number of US drafts, the U14s took the game to Wax. It was a testosterone fuelled match however the match was played in a respectful yet determined spirit with Timperley flexing their muscles and scoring early and so taking the immediate upper hand against a formidable Wax defence. Final score 3-7 for an opening tour match victory to the delight of an entertained audience of parents and friends' (Bruce Fayle)


U14s led the way with a resounding 7-3 victory! (fuller match report & photos to follow from Bruce).

Sadly the U16s faired less well and despite being at 3-3 in the second quarter, Wax won 9-3. A good effort though with some really good play. Performances of note on U16s were - Ged Scrace & Barney Sant / but all the boys played well in their first game on a long rough grass pitch.

Monday 25th

Match Day!

Girls vs Anchor: sadly both teams lost but great goals from Lucy Ford / Jo Lees.
It was still pretty hot and with an unfamiliar surface (long astro) and the set up was fabulous - complete with a stand for spectators.
The Anchor team kindly brought a spectacular buffet / BBQ - and it was great to see all the kids & adults from all the teams mixing happily after the first games.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Craggies Famous moment!

The moment just after Craggie plays the first pitch...with the calm prowess of a true cricketeer bowler!

His No. 1 fan comes to show (his / hers??!) appreciation!!

We were allowed pitch side too!

What a venue!

So far......

Outward Journey:
Next year we'll seek sponsorship from Boots - but here is the 'before' photo!
After a good flight to Philly - we (quickly) jumped onto the air conditioned coach and set off to Westminster..you can see why the orange shirts were a good idea!

Scott & his daughter Delaney were waiting for us and it was great to see their familiar faces.
Within 2 hours (clear roads) we arrived at the Gerstell Academy where our hosts were waiting with cold juice, cookies & brownies.

The temperatures here have been well over 100 deg F as they have been experiencing a heatwave which I am glad to report is easing.

After the first evening with the hosts, which included a range of activites such as; BBqs / fair grounds / smores on an open fire / trips to the pub (adults only!) / slap up suppers etc - we went off the next day to the Orioles (Baltimore's Baseball team) match. It was a great stadium and on true form, our hosts had arranged the first ball to be pitched by our very own Mr Crag.