Friday, 29 July 2011

U14's Friday 29th

As seems to be the trend for the U14's, this was a thrilling match againts Gamber. Yet despite the 14's third successive victory in this five match tour, Timperley got off to a rather lethargic start due in no small part to the 102 degree heat.

Yet in typical fashion the tourists dug deep and clawing back a small deficit, they belately began to show what resolve we know them to have and slowly but surely started to take the game to a very mobile and physical Gamber.

In an encounter that had the coaches sweating a little more than usual in pursuit of another victory the game was an end to end encounter of the highest order with quality lacrosse being played by both.

With the boys expelling more fluid than they were taking in, the whilste finally blew ending this match with a close and hard fought 4-6 win. Well done to the U14's and to the Coaches who's rotation was key to maintaining strength in the energy sapping heat. Well done boys.


  1. Thanks Paul. Keep up the good work. The kids are having a ball

  2. They are all ready for a great weekend with the their host families at the beach at OC, or sailing, or at Hershey Park, or white water rafting, or even in NYC. They deserve a good rest after a busy few days of matches and then days out to the baseball game, with tram crash included, and then to the Inner Harbour, then Washington, not to mention the pool parties in the evenings!
    Our hosts have been fantastic, and its been a pleasure to look after your kids.